RGF Laterals & Supports: Because Watercare carry out all fabrication in house we are able to offer our clients full flexibility when it comes to RGF refurbishments. The operational constraints of an RGF filter can often lead to unidentified distribution system. These unseen (covered) units often lead to costly down time and media extraction cost prior to any refurbishment. Watercare are able to react / adapt to often unseen distribution systems by using our in house facility at High Wycombe. Watercare can immediately identify the lateral type, style and materials of construction. With this information we can commence the fabrication process. All our supports, anchors and tying systems are constructed from stainless steel to provide corrosion free life spans. Our Laterals and Air Mains (up to 6”) are made from either PVC or ABS and are class rated to suit their application (for pressure, for tapping, for UV protection etc). Watercare Utilities Ltd are more than pleased to supply our customers with Laterals, Supports and Media for their own installation teams. TRY US, WE’RE VERY COMPETITIVE CALL US TODAY - 01753 522 428